Longer and warmer days mean more time and energy for exercise for many of us. If you’re considering getting into a routine that works for you, you may feel some of these fitness trends.

Fitness Trends that Work

While trends don’t always work, the good news is that no matter your fitness level, there’s something out there to meet your needs and fitness goals. And, of course, remember that reaching our goal of a healthy and robust body requires dedication and time at the end of the day.

While I’m not trendy,  I can admit that these trends have worked for me regarding my workout routine.

HIIT Sessions

You’ve probably heard all about HIIT – high-intensity interval training. This means that you give it your all, taking short rests. Some of the best HIIT workouts include burpees, various forms of push-ups, jump squats and lunges, mountain climbers, and plank jacks. A HIIT session improves your cardio, burns fat and builds strength. The good news is you can take your workout anywhere and everywhere for those busy folks. This brings us to the next trend.

At-Home Workouts

Our busy lifestyles have made at-home workouts a trend for excellent reasons. The best part is that being active is no longer an excuse for skipping a session. Whether you have your at-home gym equipped with dumbbells and bars or require a yoga mat for body-weight exercises, home workouts can be a time saver. No commuting is necessary, and you can easily squeeze in a workout before or after work, bright and early, or even late at night. Those who often travel also benefit from a home workout.

There are loads of apps and YouTube channels that you can choose from. Yoga with Adriene and Fitness Blender are two great options. They offer a whole range of free videos for all fitness levels.


One of my favourite fitness trends has to be yoga. The practice is about the union between the mind and the body. It is about becoming in touch with oneself, carving time to slow down, and appreciating our breathing power. Yoga also offers a lot from a fitness perspective and has many benefits. It promotes spinal health, improves posture and flexibility, increases strength and gives you the best core! Whether you have some alone time or are interested in joining a class for a sense of community, yoga can become part of your daily or weekly routine. If you’re really into fitness, a yoga practice can support your body, helping it through recovery.

The best part of these fitness trends is that they complement one another. But also, they’re accessible, allowing people with various commitments, budgets, and schedules to join in. Fitness is for everyone. We can all experience our power and strength. If the gym isn’t your place, try the yoga studio. Enjoy your home workout if you’re really into your personal space. You can go complex and intense in your home with the right HIIT program.

On to you: what are your favourite fitness trends?

Image by Steve Buissinne from Pixabay

My 3 Favorite Fitness Trends that You Need to Know About
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My 3 Favorite Fitness Trends that You Need to Know About
If you’re thinking about getting into a routine that really works for you, then you may want to consider some of the big fitness trends hitting a gym near you in 2019.
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