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The holidays are mainly about family time: gathering together, sharing food and laughter, and of course, exchanging gifts. But gift exchange doesn’t have to be super expensive, wasteful or unethical. Instead, we should all try to keep the facilities practical and waste-free. So how do we do that when giving gifts is already tricky? Don’t you worry! We’ve prepared an eco-friendly gift guide that has something for everyone. Are you ready?

What do you think makes a gift eco-friendly? There are a few things we can consider. First, ask yourself, is it useful and practical? Is the company ethical, responsible, natural, organic, or vegan? How is it packaged? Is the packaging compostable or recyclable? Try to support companies and brands that align with your values, but also distance yourself from giving flashy gifts that never get used.

Think Food

Everyone loves food. Think about who you’re buying for? Do they like tea, coffee, chocolate, cookies, nuts or dried fruit? Is baking your specialty? Or maybe you make the best strawberry jam. There’s nothing better than homemade goods. You can even get your family involved and make baskets for your loved ones. If baking isn’t really your thing, think about buying in bulk. It saves money, but it’s also ethical and package-free. You can always reuse or buy jars and tin boxes to package your gifts, adding your very own personal touch to them.


When it comes to the perfect eco-friendly gift guide, baskets are a must! What’s better than a few quick and easy add-on items? How about a Bath & Body kit? We’ve got a variety of all-natural and organic bar soaps that smell and feel great. You can combine a few of them to make a basket or use them as add-ons. These bar soaps are great for every member of the family.

Cruelty-Free Makeup

The holidays are about love and compassion. The gifts we pass on need to also reflect our values. Make-up and cosmetics often make a great gift. How about Ecco Bella – it can be used as eye-shadow and face powder, giving the skin a natural glow. It’s 100 percent vegan and contains no preservatives. Who wouldn’t love it?


There’s no need for us to accumulate more ‘things.’ You can give gifts and show your love without buying an object. Think outside the box. How about something more cultural and experience-based, like tickets to a musical, play or game? Do you want to give your special someone the perfect gift? Plan a trip somewhere and explore the world.

Here are some ideas to get you started. We’ve got a bunch more coming up in the next few weeks. So help us by sharing your thoughts, and we’ll add them to our eco-friendly gift guide. Also, don’t forget to sign up for our News Letter for updates and promos.