How many of us think about what we wear? And I don’t mean thinking about how well our shoes go with our new dress. How often do we think about the impact our clothes have on others? The environment? Animals? Even our own health? Did you know that the fashion industry comes second, right after oil in the number of toxins and pollution it leaves our environment? Research shows that “conventionally grown cotton uses more insecticides than any single crop.” This means that “non-organic cotton farming uses 25% of the insecticides applied worldwide, making cotton production a significant pollution factor for our environment and ecosystem.” But it doesn’t end with the environment. Many of the clothes, cosmetics and shoes we wear severely harm or even kill animals. And don’t get me started with the dyes and chemicals we’re in direct contact with.

You may be thinking, where and how do we even start? If you’re reading this, then pat yourself on the back – because you’ve started to think about it. A sustainable way of living isn’t always easy because our economic systems and our culture of consumption don’t help. But, the good news is that there are resources and information out there that make a lot of these issues more transparent and visible. We can begin measuring our ethical shopping and see how our ‘style’ impacts our surroundings.

The Good Ethical Shopping Guide is your “ethical comparison site.” It measures stores and brands using green, orange and red, along with a percentage score to tell you how ethical the store is. One of the best ways to start monitoring your shopping is to avoid all the stores that fall into the ‘red’ category. From there, you can begin to move from orange to green. The scoring system is beneficial because it considers various elements such as environmental reports, organic cotton, nuclear power, animal welfare, code of conduct, ethical trading schemes, human rights and political donations.

We know it’s a difficult task. But we also believe it’s rewarding and necessary. At, we make the environment and your health our priority. Our suggested products promote a natural, organic and green way of ethical shopping.

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