The clock is ticking, and the Christmas holiday is around the corner. But we’ve still got some time to reflect on our environmental footprint. The holidays are about gathering with family and friends. And there are so many easy ways of ensuring this year’s celebration is ecological and green.

Here are 7 simple ways to help you with your holidays this year

1. Eat more plant-based

Diet plays a huge role when it comes to environmental sustainability. One of the best ways to reduce your environmental impact is by increasing vegetarian and vegan options at your dinner parties. Give this delicious vegan stuffed squash recipe a try this Christmas.

2. Buy seasonal and local

When in doubt, buy seasonal and local (and organic). It’s essential to know about the foods available in different seasons. One of the best ways of learning about nutrition is by supporting local shops and grocers. Great for the environment, as well as your community and local economy too.

3. Don’t waste

The holidays often create a lot of waste. This Christmas holiday, tries to think about your trash bin. One of the best ways to reduce your waste is by buying only what you need and using your leftovers (freeze them if there’s too much). Also, think about how you shop: buy in bulk and package-free whenever you can.

4. Green gifting

A more eco-friendly lifestyle starts with buying less and buying green. The companies and brands we support say much about our values and choices. This is also true of the gifts we believe in. We’ve already written a green gift guide to help you out.

5. Experience nature

Use the holidays to get out. Experiencing nature and its beauty is an excellent way of staying motivated in protecting it. Take a cycle ride or go for a walk with loved ones. If you live in a cold country, why not build a snowman?

6. Low-impact travel

A lot of people use the holiday season to travel. Nothing beats experiencing a new culture, eating delicious food and making memories. But the truth is, we have to consider the impact of flying. Check out our previous blog, where we discuss green travel tips.

7. Thinking ahead

When switching to a green and eco-friendly lifestyle, thinking ahead is essential. The daily actions we take are necessary. Let’s make goals that go beyond the Christmas holiday season. If you’re on board, then stick around for our upcoming plans for a green 2018.

And there you have it, lovelies. We wish you a happy and healthy Christmas holiday.

7 Tips For A Green Christmas Holiday
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7 Tips For A Green Christmas Holiday
This Christmas holiday try to think about your trash bin. One of the best ways of reducing your waste is by buying only what you need. Read to learn more!
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