We all like to host. Invite our loved ones, share our home, and spend quality time. But often, our dinner parties go out of hand, accumulating unwanted waste. I’m not suggesting you stop inviting people over. But I do think it’s essential to plan dinner parties so that they align with our values and commitment to our health and the environment. How, you ask? Worry not – here are some practical and simple ways to keep your dinners waste-free and eco-friendly dinner party.

Paperless & Plastic-Free

If you’re thinking of including invitations, think again. After all, isn’t it the digital age? Use email or Facebook instead. But paperless also means saying no to disposable napkins or plates. Instead, make sure everything is reusable and plastic-free. Invest in a nice set of reusable and dark napkins that you can reuse repeatedly. You’ll save money and the environment (it looks classy!).

Eco-Friendly Dinner Menu

One of the best ways to keep your eco-friendly dinner party is to make sure you buy locally sourced foods. Keep your menu seasonal too. Get creative with the fruits and veggies available to you. Another way to keep it more ethical and green is by leaving out the meat and going veggie. If possible, think about buying organic too.

Green Drinks

Avoid drinks in plastic bottles – just avoid anything in plastic! If you’re thinking of serving wine, try to find some that are organic and locally made. Tea is always a great option – you can buy loose-leaf and brew it to make iced tea. Add some lemon and fresh mint leaves, and you’ll have the healthiest and most delicious beverage.

Clean Up & After Party

Clean up means composting and recycling responsibly. Try your very best to avoid any packaging, especially plastic packaging. If you can, reuse the glass jars or bottles. If not, then recycle. Remember, less waste means less recycling, not more.


Candles add a special touch to a dinner party. But like anything else, keep them natural and green. Think about soy candles or ones made out of beeswax. You can also make your own and give them away at the night’s end as a party favour.

Avoid Food Waste

This is a biggie! Plan wisely so that you don’t have extra food and if you do, send your guests home with leftovers. If you can, encourage them to bring along their own reusable containers to take home food.

Always Think Reusable

Is there anything in your home or your dinner table that is disposable or one-time-use? If there is, find a reusable alternative and while you’re at it, try to find a plastic-free option. Utensils, plates, straws or napkins – whatever it may be, think reusable.

These are some simple ways I commit to an eco-friendly dinner party. Did I miss anything? Share your tips and ideas below. Also, don’t forget to sign up for our News Letter for info and updates.