Daily Multivitamins, while useful in some aspects, do nothing to prevent cardiovascular disease, a body literally does nothing with it, and it urinated out, as is the money spent on the vitamins themselves. If a person wants to improve their cardiovascular health or lower risks of such things as strokes and heart attacks, the work must be put in the en devour. Making healthy choices such as eating right,n (which helps not only the heart but the digestive system as well) staying hydrated, eliminate stress and exercise. Simply put, getting your vitamins via food is safer, more cost effective and better for general health, and yummier.

This week’s recommended read: Kids Organic Multivitamins: What Is the Recommended Daily Dose?

Key Takeaways:

  • The researchers in the study found that taking daily multivitamins to improve heart health has no significant benefits.
  • The researchers proposed that instead of taking daily multivitamins people should adhere to heart-healthy habits.
  • The multivitamin industry runs into billions of dollars yearly because people continue to believe that it gives significant health benefits.

“Researchers specifically wanted to observe the effects of daily multivitamins on heart health and concluded there was no significant benefit.”

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