Henry Miller’s recent Wall Street Journal article titled: “The Organic Industry Is Lying To You” appears to operate on the fake assumption that organic industry and farmers who use any chemicals of any kind to defend their crops against pests and microbes are somehow being dishonest or inauthentic. Organic doesn’t mean that farmers can’t use any chemicals, it just means they have to use them carefully and in compliance with the rigorous safety standards of the National Organic Standards Board. Miller then shifts to disparaging the use of No GMO’ labeling. His entire article appears to be based on misconceptions that could have been corrected with basic research.

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Key Takeaways:

  • Organic industry and farmers are not lying because they use synthetic and natural pesticides. They use these only when holistic farming practices and other preventative measures have failed.
  • Organic pesticides do not pose significant environmental and human health risks. They undergo intense scrutiny before use.
  • Henry Miller, the writer of the article about organic industry and farming lies, has been embroiled in controversies that Monsanto writes his pieces.

“Let’s take a moment to unravel some of his claims which appear to be based on his zeal advocating for Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO’s).”

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