The guide to smelling great for a man is a subject of interest to many men and women and is also relatively easy to maintain. One takes a shower on a regular basis! Use some deodorant, and apply it wherever you sweat and wear clean clothing. Laundry detergents can even offer a light scent. Faces smell nicer with aftershave and then there is cologne. Make sure not to overpower with the scent and if you are working out do not pick an oil-based cologne, as it will mix together with sweat and be unpleasant. Brush your teeth, use mouthwash and floss your teeth.

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Key Takeaways on a guide to smelling great:

  • To begin the road to continuously smelling fresh and great you must shower regularly, and for choice choose the end of your day.
  • Always lather up and scrub with a fresh and not overpowering soap.
  • To stay clean-smelling keep your laundry that way and use deodorant and aftershave.

“If you think fragrances are the only key to smelling great, I have some bad news!”

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