Our planet is currently facing quite a great deal of environmental woes that go beyond that of climate change. Sustainable foods seem to be the answer when it comes to preserving our planet and the life that inhabits it. Sustainability experts that attended the INFRA conference have made it a point to explain in detail how the organic and non-GMO retailing industry has the potential to change the food chain in order to save our planet.

Key Takeaways:

  • Sustainability experts are claiming that the answer to our country’s ailments depends on the incorporation of non-GMO foods.
  • By replacing foods filled with preservatives with non-GMO and natural varieties, we have a chance at reinventing the food chain.
  • There is an annual conference in which sustainability advocates meet and discuss how new guidelines can be put into place.

Here is another good read about Vegetarian Awareness, in case you are interested to take a look!

“I was struck not only by the sincerity of the attendees but also by the business focus interlaced with the urgency of the fact that our food system must shift.”

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