By now most of us have heard of the take an aspirin tablet a day regimen recommended for those with cardiac issues. Now, new data suggests that the regiment could maybe do with some tweaking. It seems that one aspirin of a particular milligram dose may do the trick for one person, but not for another. The difference may have to do with the person’s weight. For example, a low-dose 75-100 milligram aspirin may have the desired effect for a person of no more than 154 pounds. Such a low dose was not beneficial for larger people. Larger people needed a larger dose and may have been actually put in more risk by a smaller dose. It would appear this sort of dosing is imperative for other risks too. Those taking aspirin tablet for its purported benefit of possibly protecting against colorectal cancer also needs to be wary of the weight scale.

Key Takeaways:

  • The use of aspirin daily to ward of a cardiac event has been around for some time but is now being called into question.
  • It would appear that a low-dose of baby aspirin, 75-100 milligrams could prove efficacious for those adults of about 154 pounds, but not for larger ones.
  • Larger adults would need a larger dose and could be harmed by making do with a smaller dose.

“A review of 10 randomized trials uncovered that the typical dose of baby aspirin tablet has different effects on people of different weight.”

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