Consulting Solutions offers a program of healing hikes meant to help people of color working in “caring” jobs who may feel emotionally and mentally drained. Rino got her to start with healing hikes as a form of nature therapy as a result of burnout and vicarious trauma from her job teaching agriculture to young prisoners. Her hiking groups hike in silence, observing and contemplating the beauty of the world around them as a way of coping with stress and pressure. Rino’s methods combine elements of nature therapy, mindfulness, and other ideas.

 More To Know About Nature Therapy:

  • Rino Raynelle, the coach of the hike for the Sibley Volcanic Preserve, calls it a healing hike as she helps the author to relax.
  • The goal of Rino in her consulting practice with healing hikes is to help people take care of themselves by engaging in the outdoors and personal development.
  • She used to work with a San Francisco-based organization that taught urban agriculture to the youths that were in prison and she left it to pursue her dreams.

“Rino, a former ecology field researcher, environmental educator, and certified professional coach, is the founder of Rino Consulting Solutions. It’s a unique mashup of professional guidance and outdoor-based therapy, offering healing hikes and leadership coaching. And she’s designed it specifically for people of color in caring professions, like therapy and teaching, whose jobs often take an emotional toll.”

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