The effects that can be seen from a vegan diet are absolutely incredible. There are people who report that going vegan has changed their lives for the better as they were struggling with some issues that they could not shake. In this case, this woman was struggling were period cramps. Everyone, boy or girl, knows the pain and struggle a woman has during their periods. After going vegan, this woman was able to be absolutely pain-free from period cramps.

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Key Takeaways:

  • To cope with the pain during her period cramps, the author used over-the-counter painkillers but they made no difference.
  • Her period’s symptoms even affected the author’s social life so that she became depressed, was missing school and work, and couldn’t leave the house.
  • After reading a poster about anti-inflammatory foods in her doctor’s office, she decided to go vegan.

“My periods have always been terrible starting with my first one at age 12. I’d experience overwhelming fatigue, bloating, and irritability. And worst of all was the period cramps. It felt like someone was dragging a hot knife into my abdomen.”

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