Bone health is an essential part of keeping our bodies going, and Osteoporosis is here to help keep you from achieving your dreams. The number one question on everyone’s minds is what can we do to prevent osteoporosis? A good first starting step is to ensure you ingest minerals such as magnesium, silicon, boron, vitamin K and copper on top of your current daily regimen. Always make sure to discuss this new plan with a doctor before you start.

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Key Takeaways:

  • Getting enough calcium and vitamin D has for years been touted as the true and tested way to treat and prevent osteoporosis.
  • The deficiency of magnesium has the effect of making the body to form crystals and influences how the parathyroid hormone is secreted thereby impacting on osteoporosis.
  • Silicon which deficiency can lead to the poor development of the skeletal tissue can be found in green beans, brown rice, and cereals.

“Vitamin K helps to reduce the risk of bone fractures and helps to activate osteocalcin protein and prevent osteoporosis”

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