Dr. Giles Yeo made a commitment to go on a vegan diet for a month by sticking to a whole-foods approach that was primarily plant-based. He came across some discrepancies during his journey, such as one bacon-flavored dish including no artificial sweeteners, yet claiming to be vegan. He also noticed that many of these vegan dishes had a serious lack of important nutrients such as vitamin B12, because of vitamins such as this being primarily found in meat-based products.

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Key Takeaways:

  • The basic concept of Veganism is to avoid all meat-specific products, including dairy foods and eggs.
  • Most self-professed vegans espouse the vegan lifestyle for ethical or health reasons, or a combination thereof.
  • The vegan diet does run into some micronutrients issues, most specifically the lack of vitamin B12 in plant foods.

“What I realized was that vegan food was not necessarily ‘healthy’. I could have for instance spent the entire month eating crisps, cookies, and any number of other vegan confectionary items.”

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