Do you take painkillers? If so, there are several important facts which you need to be made aware of as that could be affecting your health. Just barely exceeding two tablets of Acetaminophen when taken three times daily can be enough to negatively impact your liver. In addition, taking Acetaminophen or any other painkillers with another medication or even with alcohol can be enough to put too much stress on a person’s liver and as a result, it can trigger an overdose.

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Key Takeaways:

  • The liver is the organ that filters and removes everything from one’s body.
  • When taking painkillers, one should be careful since ingredients like acetaminophen put stress on the human body.
  • Don’t exceed the recommended amount or consume alcohol when taking medication to help prevent overdoses.

“To avoid further complications from acetaminophen, you should avoid consuming alcohol as this puts added stress on your liver.”

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