Did you know that when you start drinking alcohol, it immediately begins affecting your body in many ways? The consumption of alcohol not only slows your motor skills, but it also affects your memory, and it may cause sleepiness. A person’s inhibitions can drop off after just one drink. As one of the alcohol effects, when you drink, it also begins hurting your ability to pay attention. As a result, your brain begins struggling to process information before it retrieves and stores it.

Key Takeaways:

  • Alcohol effects can impact the whole body by slowing motor functions, sleepiness, and impaired memory.
  • A person’s brain does three different things; encodes, retrieves and stores information.
  • Drinking too much alcohol reduces the chances of a person staying focused, stopping the encoding process.

“The brain goes through three processes – encoding, retrieving, and storing. The encoding phase is where you take in information and turn it into memories.”

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