There are over 40 billion traces of bacteria within our guts, and they are primarily responsible for providing us with adequate digestion. Probiotics are necessary microorganisms that help with your gut health diet and fight off viruses and bacteria that are inherently harmful to your bodies. Foods that are already fermented such Assauerkraut and kimchi are loaded with probiotics, giving our bodies an enhanced ability to fight off foreign ailments. Digestion of more of these fermented foods can greatly improve the digestive process.

Key Takeaways For Gut Health Diet

  • Every day of our lives our food is turned into fuel by 40 trillion positively acting gut bacteria.
  • While data suggests that most Americans get their minimum quota of daily protein, less than 5% get the 40 grams of fiber essential for optimal health.
  • Among the many reasons fiber qualifies as an essential dietary requirement is the fact that it lowers cholesterol and helps prevent diabetes, weight gain,  cardiovascular disease, and also with your gut health diet.

“So this year, instead of depriving your body, why not try loading up on foods that feed your digestive system’s beneficial bacteria—and help them help you?”

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