Teeth can be used for many things like crushing bones and chewing gums. When a person has teeth that are white and shiny, it can boost his or her confidence. But unfortunately, many people do not take the time to take care of their teeth. Therefore, as the years go by people tend to lose their teeth that by age 65 they do not have an entire set. The advice that a good dentist will give to anyone who needs to care for their teeth is to brush the teeth twice daily at least, floss it, and regularly schedule a visit to see the dentist. Most people think that cleaning their teeth should involve just doing a few strokes and gargling to throw out the water. One needs to have a good brushing technique because this is essential to having good oral hygiene and provides the first line of defense when one wants to fight cavities and other things that might affect the teeth. At least, the dentist will ask a person to brush the teeth twice a day and spend more than two minutes stroking the teeth with a toothbrush. One can decide to use an electric toothbrush or even a manual one if that is convenient. With a manual toothbrush, the brush should have soft bristles in order to protect the enamel.

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Key Takeaways oF having good oral hygiene :

  • Dentists recommend using an electric toothbrush and brushing at least twice a day for two minutes.
  • The best process for cleaning the teeth is a back and forward motion while the gums should be cleaned with short sweeping movements.
  • Good oral hygiene includes not only brushing your teeth but also brushing the tongue and top of your mouth.

“Unfortunately, taking care of one’s teeth comes as an afterthought to many.”

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