For healthy blood circulation to occur, the body’s veins and arteries must be supple and relaxed, allowing blood to flow. When there is stiffness or constriction, blood is hampered in its path. Nitric Oxide, produced by the human body allows blood vessels to dilate naturally. This keeps blood moving rhythmically along. However, production of this precious substance can be impeded by poor diet, inactivity, weight gain, stress, smoking and the use of certain pharmaceuticals. To augment the body’s natural production, eat foods high in natural nitrates. About 80% of human consumption of nitrates comes from leafy green vegetables. These include kale, spinach, and rainbow chard, just to name some. Raw consumption is best. Besides impacting cardiovascular health, nitrates have an impact on respiratory health, digestion, sexual health, cognition, pain management, immunity and more.

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Key Takeaways:

  • Nitric oxide produced naturally in the body helps to dilate blood vessels and one can increase its production by eating nitrate-rich foods.
  • Dark leafy greens like Kale, Lettuce and Spinach are very high in nitrates.
  • Rather than cooking dark leafy greens, it is advisable to eat them raw so as to get the highest intake of nitrates.

“The key to healthy blood circulation is healthy veins and arteries.”

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