Jay Z and Beyonce have announced that having children changed their thoughts about life, leading them to go vegan. Even Benedict Cumberbatch has revealed that he now lives a cruelty-free lifestyle and was named PETA’s Most Beautiful Vegan. Zac Efron took to the stage to talk about how veganism has genuinely altered how his entire body works and that he can see its impact on his sleep schedule and overall energy absorption.

Key Takeaways:

  • Beyonce and Jay Z, in their introduction to a new book, challenged the world to go vegan and move to veganism in 2019 after seeing the good results of doing so themselves.
  • They used to think of health as a diet that works sometimes but doesn’t at other times. But they changed their perspective and started to see it as the truth.
  • But Beyonce and Jay Z are not the only celebs going vegan. Benedict Cumberbatch was acclaimed as PETA’s Most Beautiful Vegan in 2018.

“We all have a responsibility to stand up for our and the planet’s health. Let’s take this stand together. Let’s spread the truth. Let’s make this mission a movement. Let’s become ‘the Greenprint.'” (‘Greenprint’ is the name of the book, just FYI.)”

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