Vegan diets can be healthy for dogs, but you have to make sure they get enough nutrients. One option is to feed your dog a well-rounded diet with meat but use vegan treats as a supplement. When choosing a brand of vegan treats, the taste is vital. Many vegan treats use human-grade ingredients, so you can actually taste them yourself. You should also inspect the ingredient list, trying to avoid products with strange, unfamiliar additives. Some of the best vegan dog treats are Halo Vegan Biscuits, Whimzees Alligators, and Old Mother Hubbard Just Vegg’N.

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Key Takeaways:

  • To provide your pet with the very best health, you should ensure he gets to eat many types of food with complementary nutrients.
  • Some dogs can stay healthy with a vegan diet while others may need some meat, supplemented with vegan treats.
  • Vegan dog treats with wholesome high-grade nutrients are best and can even be tried by a human pet parent if it has human-grade ingredients.

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“We shouldn’t consume only one type of food, and neither should our dogs.”

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