Our skin is the largest organ of our body. When every day is a challenge, Dr. Whitney Bowe-a renowned dermatologist, shares 5 ways to keep a healthy glow. Healthy and radiant, inside and out. Add probiotics to your daily intake, as a supplement and eating probiotic-rich foods. Just say “no” to artificial sweeteners. Cut down on your sugar intake – and pay attention to labels because, sugar hides in plain sight. Exercise brings a healthy glow to your skin, and can even reduce the signs of aging. And don’t over-exfoliate your skin. Twice a week is the most you need. All this and more, including a 21-day rejuvenating make-over, are included in the recently published “The Beauty of Dirty Skin” by Dr. Bowe. She covers everything about the ease and importance of self-care.

Key Takeaways:

  • Dr. Bowe, an expert in dermatology, stresses that healthy skin is dependent on what one eats, how they sleep, how often the exercise, and how they manage daily stressors.
  • To make your skin glowing, Dr. Bowe recommends increasing the consumption of probiotics and decreasing the consumption of artificial sweeteners, such as Splenda, and overall sugar intake.
  • On the physical level, Dr. Bowe recommends regular exercise and limiting the number of times one exfoliates their skin for a healthier glow.

“To explore how best to foster a healthy glow while on the go, I caught up with the renowned dermatologist and author Dr. Whitney Bowe.”

Read more: https://www.forbes.com/sites/brittanychambers/2019/01/28/expert-dr-whitney-bowe-shares-how-to-glow-while-on-the-go/