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Ladies, those cosmetic labels can be quite deceiving. Sometimes, words like “natural” and “organic” can be misleading. Most companies use these labels if their products contain a minimum of 70% organic products. In contrast, they’re only allowed to use these tags if all the substances are guaranteed to be organic. Even at best, most products continue to leave a 30% margin for chemicals that are harmful to your health, body and skin. Our goal is to embark on a journey where we begin redefining beauty. But first, we have to learn what we are fighting against.

Here are some of the top toxic ingredients that show up in your everyday beauty products

  • Coal Tar – A prohibited carcinogen in Europe, but still utilized in some parts of America. Widely used for dry skin treatments and shampoos targeted to consumers with dandruff.
  • Mercury – A known allergen that impairs brain development. Found in mascara, some eye drops and faces creams.
  • Lead –A carcinogen used in cosmetic products like lipstick and hair dye solutions.
  • Mineral Oil – A secondary product of petroleum that is commonly incorporated in oils, lotions and hair gels. It develops a coating that hinders the body’s potential to liberate chemicals.
  • Oxygen zone–A mobile substance used in chemical sunblocks that cause specific allergies, hormonal changes, cell destruction and premature birth weight.
  • Talc – Anatomy identical to asbestos and usually found in talcum powder, blush, eye minerals and antiperspirant. Known as causing factor in ovarian cysts and breathing problems.
  • Toluene – Damages the immune system, the endocrine systems and is incorporated in cosmetics products.
  • Triclosan – Found in antiseptic supplements such as sanitizers and antiperspirants. Known to be a causing factor in cancer.
  • Placental Extract – Incorporated in body and hair products and linked to endocrine damage.
  • Phthalates – Plastics are prohibited in Europe and CA, USA and are primarily used in kids’ toys. Also exist in many colognes, aftershaves, antiperspirants and creams.

Sadly, this long list of harmful toxins includes just a few of the chemicals you encounter in your everyday products. So the first thing we can do is educate ourselves by doing our research. Reading labels is a must! Perhaps we can’t entirely avoid toxic chemicals, but we can certainly limit the number of harmful and dangerous ingredients our body is exposed to.

Our Solution

Ironically, our beauty products contain ingredients that aren’t so pretty within them. At, we aim at redefining beauty. We believe that you deserve products that take care of the planet, animals and of course you!

We proudly carry Ecco Bella cosmetics, promoting products that never hurt an animal in an attempt to make us’ beautiful.’ In caring about the animals, we don’t neglect our users. You have access to top-notch quality without having to worry about harmful ingredients. Aside from its commitment to animals and your health, Ecco Bella is part of a sustainable packaging mission. Now you can wear your best face while committing to your health and the planet.

It’s all part of the same cycle. And our environment is our only home. What’s more beautiful than that? So join us on our mission towards a culture that respects the earth, animals, and health.

Help us redefine beauty.